This blog was suggested by Lovecraft's extended essay, Supernatural Horror in Literature. The title was stolen from an Ambrose Bierce yarn, now also the title of a glorious collection of ninety tales by that most effervescent and American of cynics. I hope I have tempted a muse, then, because we're already in good company at just three sentences in.

I will be featuring reviews and analysis of work dating from roughly the mid-18th to mid-20th centuries, exploring the thread that runs through the literature of terror, always reinterpreted and yet never disposed of completely, from Walpole's The Castle of Otranto onward. I will also be highlighting news in the world of books and publication, regarding new and past editions of note covering the range of authors and titles that fall under my scope of interest. To these ends, I hope to expand on Lovecraft's commentary and that of others, and to seek out my own insights and conclusions regarding that most enduring and curiously human of genres: the uncanny.

Please join me by bookmarking this page and checking back often.


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